2013 Rugby League World Cup: Scotland vs. United States Match

In a match between rare groups in the Rugby League World Cup 2013 , Group B leaders United States in Group C takes third delight Scotland that could determine the fate of the latter in the tournament.
2013 Rugby League World Cup: Scotland vs. United States Match Preview.
Scotland was once ahead of Tonga in their group as the Kiwis have a superior record of 1-1-0 , good for three points. However, Tonga beat Group D ' s Cook Islands 22-16 , giving them a record of 2-0-1 and throwing to second place behind Italy . Scotland need to win - and win big - against Americans in order to secure the knockout slot remaining for Group C.
The U.S. Tomahawks leads Group D with a 2-0-0 record , including wins against Wales and the Cook Islands . Among all the participating teams , only the U.S. team is safe in the quarterfinals, await the winner of Group A , most likely Australia , in the next stage . However, a victory over the Scottish Bravehearts bruising will give the boost comes on November 16 began the knockout phase .
Both Scotland and USA are enormous , at least on paper. They are 11 and 12, respectively , in the ranking RliF . The Scots have won their two previous meetings in 1995 and 1996 , and the Americans are itching for payback , on the stage of world's largest rugby , nothing less. The U.S. team also wants to make an immediate impact in his first World Cup appearance by qualifying for the quarterfinals . For the Scots , to match the finish or even beating eighth place performance in the year 2008 could be the boost that the sport needs after languishing in the shade from rugby union and football.
The match of Scotland vs. United States will be played on the Wrexham  at Racecourse Ground , a stadium which capacity is ten thousand 10,000
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